Pets Day


By Ashlee

On Friday the 18th of November the whole of Mapua School had a pet’s day. It was a perfect day for this special event.  The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot for the animals.

We started the day by creating the things we were entering into.  People were arranging flowers in vases or on sand saucers.  There were miniature gardens and vegetable animals coming to life. Lego models, pet rocks, teddy bears and dream pets were also arranged for display before the  morning tea bell went.

After we had finished preparing the entries, we had some morning tea while the judges came in and decided on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

When morning tea was over we all got a quick look to see who had won and then we were off to do some games in our House groups.

At 12:30 we went to Aranui Park. This was the best part of the day when we got to see all the animals people had brought.  I brought my family’s dog, Bella.  She is a maltese jack russell cross and loves steak and her spiderman ball. There were way more types of animals than just dogs, e.g. cats, a sheep, horses, goats, bunnies, little brothers and sisters, chickens, budgies and turtles.

Everyone wandered around talking to the owners of the pets, stroking the animals and deciding which pets they liked best. It was a fabulous day.



My heart was beating as the line moved up. we got higher and higher, I could hear people talking far below me. The line moved up. I look over the railing and then I look up. As I do this I wonder how far to go? Then I felt like I had lots of butterflies in my tummy whizzing around. I felt sick, dizzy, scared and excited at the same time.


I glanced at mum and dad and wondered, are they nervous too? But no time to think. We had reached the top. Dad held the biscuit while me and mum hopped in and we’re off.
We whiz at super sonic sped down the long twisty tunnel listening to the delightful screams of other people. Splash! We reach the bottom. “Can we do that again?” I exclaimed.

By Loganscreen-shot-2016-09-21-at-12-05-12-pm

Takaka Sports Challenge

Takaka Sports
By Ashlee

On the Friday the 9th we competed in the Takaka sports. Each year Mapua and Takaka have a sports day where we spend all day playing sports trying to win the Taylor Shield. We call it the Taylor Shield because one of our teachers, Mr Taylor, made it. Takaka has won it more than Mapua, but no one has won it three times in a row – that is, no one before this year’s challenge. We were the current holders of the shield and we desperately wanted to keep it. We started the day with a haka and then got into the sports. The final sporting activity of the day was the tug of war.

This year it was a great time for Mapua and not so much for Takaka. Mapua had an amazing year this year because we won every sport  (netball, hockey, soccer and even the RUGBY! ) except the tug of war. That means, yes, we won!

We then finished off the day with a yummy shared lunch that the kids from  Mapua brought from home.

This year was an amazing year and I’m so sad that I can’t do it anymore because I am a year 6. : (


Classroom economy

In Term 3 all students in Rooms 10 and 11 began a financial system, aimed at gaining a real world appreciation of money.

Everybody needed to first find a job. We chose from a variety of options including Blogger, Window Designer, Table Washer, Clean Up Crew, Policemen (Job Officers and Table Police), Teacher’s Assistant, Photocopier, Phone Area Controller, Dictionary Shelves Manager etc. Some of these sound like exhilarating jobs (think of the sound effects the Policemen could use, could they carry accessories?), but there was a catch – we had to submit an application for our preferred job. Some jobs had more applicants than others, some didn’t have any applicants at all. Each job pays at least $100 per week and the highest paid job is the Blogger job, which pays $200 per article (think of this article as me singing for my supper).

We can also earn bonuses for good classwork eg the $100 excellence bonus.  From our income we have to pay rent for our desks – $200 per week. Students can buy their desks and not have to pay rent any more, but there is quite a cost ($2,500 per desk and technically $2,900 because rent is still to be paid). Once you have brought your own desk you can buy other people’s desks and earn their rent… monopoly anyone?

In addition, we could be fined for bad work, bad behaviour and incomplete jobs. Life in the classroom economy seems very costly (because it really is) but only 4 – 5 weeks in, some students have already saved more than half of the money to buy their desks! How did they even manage that, you ask… Turns out, some people are hacking the system! They have taken on up to six jobs a week and are doing very well in classwork and getting bonuses.

It’s fun, it’s interesting, it’s sort of stressful.  


By Cleo

Op Art

This is our op art work from Term Two. They are a carry on from our other op art work that we did earlier this year. (see photos below).  Op is short for optical. Optical means having to do with an eye. Op art began in the 1960s. Op art tricks the person who is looking at it.  The focus of this art is to make it look like it is coming out of the paper and is 3-D.

It took us over 2 weeks to complete them. This was a really good challenge because we also had to learn how to shade because most of us didn’t know how to shade. So Mrs Hosie demonstrated and showed us a video to help us. She gave us a sheet so we could practice the different types of shading. It turned out that there is more than just one type of shading. 

If you would like to find out more about op art, go to this website:

Have a go at an op art design, they are really cool. Easy step by step guides can be found at these links: – drawing a 3D hole. – learning how to use lines and shading to create a 3D shape.


Our first experiments with op art designs.

By Jack T

Olympic Figures

In Rimu we have been making Olympic figures. We used pipe cleaners and tinfoil to make the figures. We started with the pipe cleaners and twisted them into the figure that we had picked to research for our title page.

After that we wrapped the tinfoil around the figures that we made with the pipe cleaners. We then glued bottle tops wrapped in tinfoil to the bottom for stabilisation (that was optional).
Next we got a bit of paper and glued our models to the bit of paper (this was optional too). We put the bit of paper with our models glued to it in the sun, and with sharpie, we draw around the shadow of the model onto the bit of paper and then we were finished.


changeRimu and Karaka have been learning about the different types of changes from a scientific point of view.

There are two types of changes, physical and chemical.

Physical changes are where something breaks but is still the same substance eg. a plate breaking is  a physical change. The substance that the plate is made from has not changed but it’s physical appearance has.  Ice melting is another example of a physical change.  Ice is the solid form of water and when it melts it changes to a liquid form – the substance that it is made of has not changed just its physical appearance has. 

Chemical changes are where something changes into something new and you can’t get the original substances back. e.g. when we did some experiments where we had a powder and mixed it with a liquid, we got a reaction. There was a fizz, and the liquid and powder had combined and made a new substance. I think the fizzy reaction was caused by gas.

To find out more watch this video  Physical & Chemical Changes


By Callum

Instruction Writing



In Karaka, we have been learning to write fantastic instructions to tell someone how to achieve something. There is much for us still to learn and we are now writing some very fun instructions; from Poppy’s how make your hippopotamuses fly to slightly more realistic, like Ashlee’s how to make your cat eat food it doesn’t like.

We have learnt that a good set of instructions has:

  • -A title
  • -An aim
  • -What you need
  • -Step-by-step what to do
  • -A closing statement
  • -A picture or diagram

They also need to be:

  • -Informative or entertaining
  • -Short sentences
  • -Numbered list of steps
  • -Steps are in order
  • -Start with verbs (most times)
  • -Precise wording
  • -Steps have detail
  • -Bulleted list of what you need

We are learning about instructions to help us get a better understanding of them for our chemistry 101. We are doing some pretty awesome science experiments. With all our snazzy instruction writing we now understand how to follow instructions better! So far we have done some awesome experiments in a much smarter way.


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By Cassie

Ski Day

First thing Friday morning we got up before the sparrows and headed to school. It was still so dark that we had to fumble our way to the classroom. We received our instructions from the dedicated teachers, (who probably were up with the owls) then we headed off with the willing wonderful parents who took us up the mountain.

The journey up was an adventure, (especially for those of us who had chain related emergencies). It was instructive and somewhat amusing to watch the parents learn a new skill, i.e putting the chains on their parked cars.

Once we got up the mountain we were separated into these groups: skiers, tobogganers and snowboarders. The skiers and snowboarders had lessons and the tobogganers, well what can I say? They just went for it, running up and down the mountain all day. I noticed Siena, Giselle, Molly, Lexie and Ashlee tobogganing for hours on end and Siena even had to change her clothes but she still carried on afterwards.

Most skiing kids progressed really well during the day and ended up with quite a knack for skiing. To be fair, the snowboarders already looked pretty good.

Unfortunately the weather was cold and visibility was low. Up the top of the T bar I was actually blown backwards up the hill by the force of the wind. I should have worn weights, but they wouldn’t have improved my skiing. Luckily, nobody surrendered to the conditions and we all enjoyed a fabulously fun ski day.

Our energy levels on the trip home were low and conversation was limited. I suspect that most of our muscles were rather sore the next day (mine certainly were).

We had such an excellent day and we would like to thank the teachers who worked so hard to make it happen. Thank you for the fantastic experience.


By Cleo